Wiring and Commissioning Service

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Wiring & Commissioning Start from Note ALL PRE – COMMISSIONING CHECK LIST have to be filled in and signed before W&C visit is arranged
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( Minimum of 9 daysnotice if not


To confirm that the site is ready prior to our attendance on site, please tick the circles that apply to your site. (If you have any problems in filling out this sheet please contact the office)

When sheet is complete please email to sales@jtpumps.co.uk

Commissioning cannot be carried out unless all circles are ticked (or crossed if materials are being brought to site by commissioning engineer)

o Rising Main (discharge pipe work) and gravity lines are connected to the tank.

o Gravity drainage lines have been flushed through to remove any building debris.

o Sump is clear /clean of debris and empty (not full of water or anything else)

o Cable ducts with draw wires are in place between the control panel location and the pump chamber.

o Control panel mounted prior to attendance with live, isolated electrical supply connected.

[ For Dual 240v Control Panels powered by a 32amp Type C Circuit Breaker Spur ]

[ For Dual 400v Control Panels powered by a 16amp Type C Circuit Breaker Spur ]

o Control Kiosk is mounted on a suitable plinth and secured down (if applicable)

o Check distance from the control panel to the bottom of the sump VIA THE CABLE DUCT (……M long) not a direct run. NOTE… Pumps and control floats have a standard 10m cable. Please add an extra 1.5 m for wiring etc.

o Extra cable, junction boxes and glands are the responsibility of the site. These can be supplied but at an extra cost. Please discuss prior to visit


o Normal earthling is acceptable.

o A water supply is available to fill the pump chamber so that the pumps can be tested.

o Upper guide brackets, guiderail, pipework and valves are fixed into the pump chamber.

o Finished access opening size is correct to the chamber size. This is to ensure the pumps can be passed through and installed correctly.

o Finished concrete cover slab openings should not be reduced in size otherwise the pumps may not fit.

o Please check that these items are on site:

o Pumps c/w guide claws and chains fitted

o Float switches.

o Twin pump stations 2no pumps and four floats

o Single pump station 1no pump and 3no floats.

o Please tell use of any Special parking arrangements need to visit site

This form has to be completed and returned before any commissioning works are carried out.

When this commissioning form has been signed and returned and the commissioning cannot be carried out, there will be an extra charge. The charge will be the full commissioning rate made payable prior to re-attending site.

If you are unsure that they site is ready for us to carry out the commissioning then please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0844 414 5800

Any other comments regarding the commissioning that we should be made aware off.





Please leave you details and JTPump will contact you price is a guide price only
Wiring & Commissioning
Engineer will install float switches
If needed will install the pump / s
Will check the wiring of the alarm and floats
Will check the pump /s are sitting right in the chamber
Control panel
Will wire the power to the control panel
Will wire the float switch control up
Will wire the power for the pumps
Will wire up the highwater alarm
if extra beacon light Will wire up
if 3-phase pump /s will check the rotation of the pump /s
Connect up power to control panel
Test all connection
Run up and test everything is work correctly
Once completed
issues a Wiring and Commissioning Certificate for your records
Please see the Pre commissioning check list

ASK For Details when ordering



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Rob from London -
I just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for your supply & commissioning on my last project at the Olympic Park, I found your service immpecable; Delivery was without a hitch, equipment & drawings "all in the box" and backup on the end of the phone. Commissioning on the day agreed no fuss, with your engineers more than happy to help & advise in all aspects of the task. I just wish we were able to engage other contractors like yourself who "do what it says on the tin!" Once again thanks for your help.
Brand JTPumps