Under Sink Pump Station (28ltr) 6m lift JT105202

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Undersink applications. (28ltr) Removes water from areas where gravity flow is not available Applications include dishwashers, garbage disposal, laundry tray pump, wet bar sink, air conditioning, condensate boilers Pumps up to 6m lift
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The Under Sink Pump JT105202 is a pre-assembled Sewage Pump Station for use with under sink applications. The Pumping Station includes Sink Drain Pump, Basin, Cover, Non return valve and PVC pipes.

JT105202 6m lift 10mm solid handling

JT105202MF 10m lift 30mm solid handling

Removes water from areas where gravity flow is not available.
Designed for undersink applications.

UnderSink Pumping System Include:
1 x  abs wastewater pump with 6m lift
1 x 390mm x 400mm poly moulded basin
1 x Polypropylene cover
1 x non-return valve
1 x Internal 40mm PVC discharge pipe work

Features & Benefits
Removes water from areas where gravity flow is not available.
Applications include
  • Laundry tray pump, wet bar sink, lavatory, air conditioning condensate and dehumidifier water removal.
  • Can also be used in conjunction with dishwashers and garbage disposal applications.
  • No inlet filters or screens to clean
  • Optional top or side inlet
  • Can be installed with internal trap
  • Automatic pumps with tank cord seals
  • All hardware for easy assembly
  • Polypropylene basin and lid
  • Internal discharge pipe to lid (trap supplied by others)
  • Check valve
  • Easy installation, no need to dig a sump
  • Passes laundry lint
  • Automatic, float operated mechanical switch
  • 240V/1 Ph,
  • 3m listed 3-wire cord 
  • Passes 10mm spherical solids
  • 40/50 mm discharge
  • 2900 RPM
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller
  • Temperature rated 40c short term to 60c (Max 5 minutes) 
  • Pumps upto 6m lift
  • 10mm solids 2.11 amp  or  30mm solids 2.83 amp

The JT105202, is a compact wastewater pumping unit suitable for installation at floor level or near the wastewater source. The JT105202 has the added feature of handling solids up to 10 mm. If you are considering converting your cellar to a utility, under sink, hobby, party, or fitness room, then you are faced with the problem of pumping away the effluent from wash-hand basins, domestic washing machines, or showers. The JT105202 provides you with a clean and efficient method of removing waste.
Unit is supplied complete ready for use. Comprising of a noise absorbing white collecting tank of high quality synthetic material, resistant to all common toilet cleaning fluids and an ABS wastewater pump. The unit is a space-saving, triangular design, which stands securely on the floor and allows adequate free space if installed below a wash-hand basin.
Main applications

  • Pumping of fecal-free wastewater
  • Sinks
  • Showers and bathtubs
  • Domestic washing machines
  • Domestic dishwashers, showers, and bathtubs
JT105202 Version.
  • Variable ports, ready prepared for connection for inflow lines and power cable as well as a discharge connection for a PVC pipe.
  • Hose nozzle for connection of a ¾" hose.
  • Odor-tight lid with integral venting including odor filter with back-flow prevention.
  • Integral non-return valve fitted as standard.
  • Universal plug/cable entry.
  • Special level control for all inflow heights, back-wash proof to a max. of 100 mm above floor level

JT105202MF handles 30 mm MF solids
A compact wastewater lifting station for wash-basin connection. The vent system is designed to prevent odours and no vent pipe is necessary. JT105202 has an air filter insert with flood-proof characteristics, hose connection for washing machines, low-level emptying and pre-assembled cable inlet. The wastewater pump is a standard ROBUSTA or MF pump, which is prefitted into the tank.
General instructions: For connection of the discharge line you should decide as to which port is most appropriate for your installation and rotate the rubber bend on the pump to suit. Please note, the discharge must exit using the highest side outlet port located either on the left or the right of the unit. The provided non-return valve should then be positioned within the selected discharge port ensuring the flap of the non-return valve is hinged at the top and the arrow on the side of the valve is pointing in the direction of the flow.
To connect the JT105202 pump to the non-return valve you must first attach the rubber elbow to the discharge of the pump and secure it using the jubilee clip provided. Next fix the 40mm pipe provided into the non return valve and other end of the rubber elbow and secure into place using the jubilee clips provided.
To connect the JT105202 MF pump to the non-return valve you must first attach the flexible discharge pipe to the discharge of the pump and secure it using the jubilee clip provided. Next fix the PVC discharge pipe with elbow to the non-return valve and flexible discharge pipe using the jubilee clips provided. It is essential to position the MF pump within the tank to ensure the float switch can operate freely. The recommended pipe for the discharge is 32mm waste pipe and should be connected to the non-return valve via a 32mm straight coupling. 


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Brand Under Sink Pumping Station
Weight 15kg
MPN JT10520210