Basement Pumping Station | cellar Sump Kit | Triplesafe Kit
Basement Pumping Station | cellar Sump Kit | Triplesafe Kit
Basement Pumping Station | cellar Sump Kit | Triplesafe Kit
Basement Pumping Station | cellar Sump Kit | Triplesafe Kit
Basement Pumping Station | cellar Sump Kit | Triplesafe Kit

TripleSafe kit, Simply "The Best" with Three pumps, Battery backup and Alarm

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The world's best, ultimate protection, patented TripleSafe Sump Pump System by Basement Systems has three pumps to respond to the most prevalent three problems that home owners experience with waterproofing systems that fail. Now a homeowner can finally feel safe with the complete protection of the TripleSafe system.
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Triple Safe Sump Pump System

Plumbing and appliances are often located in the basement and, with extreme weather conditions more common than ever, the risk of basement flooding is certainly on the rise. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll understand how important it is to protect your property and avoid any expensive repair bills – and the TripleSafeTM Sump Pump System is the perfect way to do this. It is the world’s most reliable pumping system, offering triple the protection with its triple pump design and 150-litre capacity, and it is exactly what you need to keep your basement fully-waterproof and prepared for extreme flooding scenarios.

The TripleSafeTM Three Pump System

The TripleSafeTM Sump Pump System incorporates three separate automatic pumps, therefore offering maximum protection when it is most needed. Thanks to the figure-eight shape of the system, these three pumps fit perfectly into the TripleSafeTM liners and they include:

Pump 1: Zoeller M-53 1/3hp Pump

Pump 1 is the primary basement pump of the system. It is a reliable, efficient and smooth running 1/3hp cast iron pump and it does the pumping most of the time.

Pump 2: Zoeller M-53 1/3hp Pump

Pump 2 is completely identical in construction and performance to pump 1. It operates when either pump 1 fails, or if pump 1 cannot keep up with the heavy flow of water in a hard and fast rain – in which case, pump 1 and pump 2 would operate at the same time. Because they are on separate discharge pipes, they will remove up to 6200 gallons per hour out of your basement.

Pump 3: UltraSump Battery Back-up Pumping System

Pump 3 is the backup pump. DC operated, it automatically kicks into action if your power supply goes down or your circuit breakers fail. The UltraSump comes complete with a second automatic switching system, a “smart” charging system, and a specially designed battery, and it offers the final element of protection for when unexpected power cuts occur.

Designed to Tackle Three Problematic Scenarios

When it comes to a basement waterproofing system, there are lots of things that can go wrong; however, thanks to its unique and reliable three-pump design, the TripleSafeTM offers complete protection and helps to prepare for the three most prevalent problems. These include:

  1. If Pump 1 was to fail, the second pump would take over
  2. If Pump 1 cannot keep up with the level of water (perhaps due to heavy rainfall or extreme flooding), both Pump 1 and Pump 2 would operate at the same time
  3. If your power supply was to fail, the battery-operated UltraSump would take over and continue to remove water until the power supply is restored

TripleSafeTM : The Most Reliable Sump Pump System on the Market

The TripleSafeTM is designed and engineered, from top to bottom, to be the best and most reliable sump pump system on the market. Aside from its three pump design, it also benefits for a range of other features that add to this reliability – including an airtight floor drain in case of a plumbing leak, three patented PumpStandsTM to ensure that silt and sediment don’t block flow to the water inlet, and a patented WaterWatch Alarm that sounds if water rises above the level at which the pumps should automatically turn on. The full list of features is as follows:

  • 2 Twin Zoeller M-53 cast iron 1/3 hp pumps (Two)
  • Complete UltraSump package with pump assembly, charger, battery
  • Specially designed twin liner and bridge
  • 2 Lid halves - one with an airtight floor drain, one with an electrical hole, and specially designed adapter ring, both with SaniDry/dehumidifier drain hose knockouts
  • 6 Lid bolts
  • 3 TripleSafeTM pump stands
  • 1 WaterWatch II Alarm System, one piece with battery installed
  • 1 Cord Captain with clamp
  • 2 Plastic 1½” pipe collars
  • 2 Check valves with a rubber fitting
  • 2 1½” no-hub rubber fittings
  • 1 three-hole electric grommet
  • 2 Discharge pipe grommets
  • 1 service pack envelope with all labels, including one condensation indicator strip, wire ties, and a comprehensive owner’s manual

If you would like to find out more about the TripleSafeTM or if you have any questions about its features, please feel free to give us a call on 0844 414 5800. Please bear in mind, we do not continuously stock this product and therefore delivery usually takes 2 weeks from the point of order. In order to place an order for the TripleSafeTM, email us directly at

Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery on this system (or sooner)


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