SuperSump with High Water alarm
SuperSump with High Water alarm
SuperSump with High Water alarm
SuperSump with High Water alarm
SuperSump with High Water alarm

SuperSump with High Water alarm

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This Product is still for sale but must be purchase over the phone please call 0844 414 5800 SuperSump :- patented Superliner with Airtight Lid, and a High Water Alarm System for ultimate peace of mind! Super Sump Includes :- Sump + Pump + High Water Alarm all at a LOW PRICE
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This Product is still for sale but must be purchase over the phone please call 0844 414 5800

In most basement waterproofing solutions, a sump pump is the key component which actually removes water from the basement. While many basement pumps may simply be a hole in the ground or an ad hoc pump arrangement, the SuperSump presents a complete sump pump system, including the most reliable pump available, our patented Superliner with Airtight Lid, and a WaterWatch Alarm System for ultimate peace of mind!

Simply put, the state of the art SuperSump is the best basement sump pump system on the market! But what makes it so effective?

The Pump

The SuperSump pump station is built with a cast iron, 1/3hp Zoeller pump, equipped with a mechanical float switch, allowing it to operate autonomously when the water level rises. In a potential flood situation, this peace of mind couldn’t be more welcome – you’ll be free to deal with other problems, or be covered even when away from your premises, safe in the knowledge that your sump pump system will activate automatically when necessary.

Chosen from among 50 potential pumps, the 1/3hp Zoeller is able to quietly, smoothly pump away up to 2650 gallons (10,031L) per hour, with the ability to pump away 1/2” solids without clogging, and for added reliability, the pump sits on a CleanPump Stand, keeping the water inlets clear of silt and sediment that may wash in. Larger, even higher volume pumps can be fitted to the SuperSump if needed – just let us know what your requirements are!

The pump included in the SuperSump is particularly quiet and smooth, but as an added measure, the discharge line is fitted with 2 rubber fittings to help eliminate noise and vibrations, making this sturdy, reliable and powerful sump pump one of the quietest on the market!

The SuperLiner

A tough, durable tank made from smooth polyethylene, this pump station sump liner is equipped with an airtight lid and “pump ring” to centre the pump, preventing the float switch from hitting the walls during operation.

As it is made from polyethylene, the Superliner is completely resistant to decay, corrosion and water damage, and can continue to work at full capacity even after years of heavy-duty service.

The Airtight Lid

A patented airtight lid design, complete with floor drain, prevents anything from falling into the sump and stops moisture from evaporating out. Insects, objects like laundry and tools, dust and other potential problems are kept out of the sump, while children and pets are prevented from falling in. The lid is strong enough that no storage space is sacrificed for the sump, and an airtight drain in the lid means that any unexpected flooding, like that caused by a burst pipe, is quickly drained into the sump and pumped away before it can cause a problem – but no air or gas is allowed to leave the tank.

This airtight lid comes in two parts, making it easier than ever to access and maintain the pump and tank, and has the added advantage of stopping odours and radon gas from rising into the basement from the sump. The lid also vastly improves the appearance of the sump, turning a potential eyesore into a clean, neat and tidy fixture and protecting the market value of your home.

The WaterWatch Alarm System (High Water Alarm)

A sump pump is the last line of defence in basement flooding, so it makes sense to have a warning system installed for if it doesn’t work – The WaterWatch Alarm sounds off when the water level rises above that where the pump would normally switch on, alerting you of the potential flood in time to take action. Whether your pump hasn’t switched on due to the plug accidentally being switched off or for any other reason, the WaterWatch Alarm gives you the warning you need to prevent flood damage.

Dimensions : 570mm high x 465mm top diameter 75L 240v - 5.2amp - 

Please allow 9 to 15 working days for delivery on this system 


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