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Submersible Pumps

One of the most diverse water pump ranges in the JT Pumps stock, our submersible water pump range are all capable of clearing large amounts of water from an area and of operating when completely submerged, making them perfect for use in flooded areas and to clear tanks or cellars which may fill with water.

A submersible water pump works when partially or completely immersed in water, and can be installed with a float switch which turns it on and off, making it an excellent choice for peace of mind in areas prone to flooding or water seepage – when the water level is above a certain point, the water pump will automatically start up and drain it. However, please note that a submersible water pump sometimes needs to be submersed to adequately cool its electric motor, and can usually only drain water to a minimum height – for more information, talk to one of the experts at JT Pumps.

A puddle pump is another type of submersible water pump, but this one has a much lower minimum water level and does not have to be submersed for full functionality – meaning the pump can work through any water level and drain away even very small amounts of water (hence the name “puddle pump” or “puddle sucker”). Normally manually switched on and off thanks to the shallow water levels they are able to pump making float switches undesirable, a puddle pump is perfect for clearing water from flat surfaces, like flat roofs, and floors. We also have a fully automatic Puddle pump the EGO 500 Auto which has been specially set up to start working from 3mm and pump down to 1mm automatically. Order today online and get next working day delivery.

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