Storm or Surface Water Pumping Stations

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Is your property in an area that suffers from flooding? Or perhaps you’re concerned about the increasing severity and frequency of UK storms – and the impact they’ll have on drainage? Either way, a surface water pumping station could be just what you need to put your mind at ease.

Here at JT Pumps, as part of our surface water and flood relief collection, we have a range of these stations to choose from. So, why not take a look today and start to prepare for extreme weather?

A leading range of surface water pump stations

We currently stock three models:

1. JTFS 190L Surface Water Pumping Station

This is capable of removing clean, grey and surface water, when gravitational flow is not possible. But it has a relatively small tank (measuring 610mm x 635mm). As such, it’s recommended for small spaces and applications, such as the drainage of cellars, basements, cavity walls and nuisance water.

2. JTP Mini Stormwater Pumping Station

Although this is significantly smaller than most other stormwater pumping stations, it certainly doesn’t compromise on pumping ability. It comes with a fast flow submersible pump as standard. And as a result, it can handle 50mm solids with ease – and will quickly and effectively pump large volumes of water out of a cellar, basement or lower ground floor (even if it’s pouring in!).

3. JT Dual Rigged 2-inch Stormwater Pumping Station

Suitable for all applications, domestic and commercial. This system can successfully tackle stormwater, foul water and sewage with 50mm solids. It comes in two diameters – 1000mm and 1250mm – and has a maximum capacity of 5300 litres. As such, it’s often recommended for heavy-duty purposes.

All of our surface water pumping stations are ‘job-ready’. This means they come pre-assembled and fitted with everything you need to get them up-and-running – including a tank, pump, internal piping and a float switch. In fact, the only additional equipment that you will need is piping to and from the station. The rest is taken care of and you’ll find the system itself is very quick and easy to install.

Each storm pump station is manufactured to the highest standard and fully complies with UK rules and regulations. Yet, they’re still available for a very affordable price, starting from just £599.99.

How do stormwater pumping stations work?

All of our storm pump stations are automatic and will activate themselves when necessary.

The process is really straightforward. As an area starts to flood – and the level of liquid inside the chamber starts to rise – the float switch will be activated. This causes the pump to kick into action. Water is then continuously pumped away from your premises (often against the force of gravity), until the level of flood water decreases and the float switch drops back to its original position. If the level of water rises again, the sequence is repeated and your property will remain protected.

For added peace of mind, you can also choose to add a high-water alarm to the station. This sounds if the level of water becomes dangerously high and will alert you to any potential issues. 

Got a question about our stormwater pumping stations?

You’re always welcome to get in touch. Our team of expert engineers are happy to help and can offer tailored advice on the best surface water pumping station for your requirements. Simply give us a call on 0844 414 5800 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.