Storm or Surface Water Pumping Stations

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If you have property or premises in an area which suffers from flooding, or you are concerned about the increasing severity and frequency of storms in the UK causing drainage and water problems, you should invest in a mini stormwater pump from JT Pumps. Much smaller than other stormwater pump stations without compromising on pumping ability, volume of water moved and reliability, this type of mini stormwater pump can quickly and effectively pump floodwaters out of a cellar, basement or lower ground floor, even as it is pouring in. Decrease the chances of potential hazards or inconvenient flooding by knowing about and installing stormwater pump stations.

When you need them most, the stormwater pump stations from JT Pumps will be able to spring into action, with optional automated activation and high-water alarms to provide you with peace of mind in areas at risk of flooding. In the event of a flood, you’ll know that your stormwater pumping station is fulfilling its purpose and keeping your premises and your belongings safe. All our mini stormwater pumps come as pre-packaged pumping stations, to make them easy to install and simple to use – so you’ll be able to rapidly set up your pumping station and get them operational when it’s most important. All you need is the piping to and from the station – the rest is taken care of!

Suitable for flood relief applications, our standard mini stormwater pump stations come with a Fast Flow submersible pump, and are able to handle 10mm solids, providing unbeatable peace of mind. Areas that will tend to find the use of stormwater pump stations are open, wide areas, rural areas, and various types of car parking areas. Namely for car park areas, stormwater pump stations prevent the build up of puddles and decrease the chance of cars running through them, potentially damaging parts on the underside of motor vehicles. This alone lessens the chances of road accidents caused by damaged car parts from water damage effects.

Want to know more about what we offer? For more information on our mini stormwater pumps or to discuss a bespoke stormwater pumping station solution, get in touch with JT Pumps today on 08444145800. Alternatively, you can email us at The experts who you come into contact with will be happy to help you find the perfect stormwater pumping solution and walk you through what is best for you personally.