Storm / Surface Water Pumping Stations

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During a storm, flooding can become a real danger. Intense rainfall and saturated ground can lead to rising water levels and the potential for damage, with low-lying areas like basements and sumps at particular risk.

To counter this threat, JT Pumps stocks a range of storm water pumping stations and surface water pumping stations able to handle large volumes of water in short spaces of time. These pumps are specifically designed for crisis use during storms or other flooding events, and can provide high-capacity service, with the ability to handle solids and coolant filled motors which make sure these pumps can keep going long after other storm water pumping stations would have gotten clogged or overheated.

For ease of installation and use, these pumps - both the storm water pumping stations and the surface water pumping stations – come as pre-packaged, integrated pumping stations, ready for use. Simply fit the pumping station where you need it and you’re ready to go!

The storm water pumping stations available from JT Pumps are designed to be installed below ground level, and come with pedestrian-rated covers which allow easy access to the pumping station and safely support those who walk over the cover.

These surface water pumping stations are ideal for use in any situation requiring high-capacity pumping, and are easy to fit, easy to maintain and easy to operate – and they provide security and peace of mind like no other!