SGR50.220 Heavy Duty Macerator Pumps

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Oliju SGR50.220  Heavy Duty Macerator Pumps

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The electric pumps “Grinder" are particularly suitable for capturing and drainage of rainwater heavy, with solid and fiber. The system grinding ensures that all the solids and fibers are crushed into  small pieces “in order to pass the turbine and the tubes.


Permanent or transportable. Model with float  switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on liquid level in the sump.


Double seals, lip seals and reinforced SIC-SIC mechanical seal. Motor casing, pump body and open impeller in cast iron,  420 stainless steel shaft.
Grinder system.


Water loaded with solids and fibers. Max liquid  temperature: 35°C.

Fully submersible, pressure tight electric motor. Stainless steel motor- and pump housing. Insulation class F. Motor protec- tion IP 68. Thermal sensors imbedded in the motor winding.

Power cable: 10 m neoprene for SGR40. Power cable: 10 m neoprene for SGR50. Immersion depth of 10 m.Protection box in monophasic version Ideal for installation with guide rail.

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Weight 50kg
MPN SGR50.220.3