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Sewage Pumps

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If you are looking for sewage pumps and sewage pumping stations, look no further than JT Pumps. The range of sewage sump pumps and wastewater pumps from JT Pumps includes submersible pumps and pumps able to handle solids, and includes brand names like Oliju, Semisom and Hippo.

The ideal use of a sewage pump is in pumping away waste when gravity is no help – and many of the sewage pumps and sewage pump stations in this range are perfectly suited to use in homes with their own sewage treatment systems, or which have bathrooms, laundry rooms or other wastewater-generating rooms below the grade of the main sewer pipelines, making gravity drainage impossible.

While a sewage pump is perfect for these situations, a sewage sump pump is also capable of draining away flooding and removing waste water from an area, with submersible models available if necessary. If you need a sewage pump or sewage sump pump, you can get in touch with JT Pumps by phone on 08444145800 or email sales@jtpumps.co.uk at any time to open a line of communication with a team of experts who will be able to advise you and make sure you find a sewage pump or sewage sump pump that suits your needs.