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Sewage Pumping Stations

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Sewage Pumping Stations

Do you need a sewage pumping station? Look no further than JT Pumps! We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of domestic and commercial sewage pump systems – trusted across the industry. Whatever your specific needs, we have the perfect pump station for you.

What is a packaged sewage pumping station?

A packaged pumping station is a mechanical device that moves sewage from one location to another – either horizontally and/or uphill – when gravity cannot be relied upon to do the job. They are also sometimes used when a connection to the main sewer line is difficult or impossible.

Each sewage pump station comes complete with a large chamber (or tank), internal pipework, a float switch and either one or two pumps. They are a pre-assembled unit – easy to install and maintain – and they offer a simple, economical solution to get sewage to where it needs to be.

How does a packaged sewage pump station work?

Most sewage pumping stations are automatic and will activate themselves as necessary. It’s a fairly straightforward process. Sewage collects inside the tank and, when it reaches a certain level, the float switch is tripped. This causes the pump to kick into action, creating enough pressure to move the sewage out of the tank – against the force of gravity – towards the main sewer line.

Which is the right packaged pump station for me?

When it comes to selecting a new packaged pump station, there are so many different models to choose from – it’s easy to be confused. The good news is we’re here to help. As a knowledgeable and experienced supplier, we can advise on the best packaged sewage pumping station for your needs.

Typically, this will depend on five main factors, including the intended application of the system, its location, the volume of the liquid to be removed, the viscosity of the waste and inlet depth.

Further detailed guidance can be found in our blog. However, if you’re still struggling to choose a suitable packaged pump system, please feel free to get in touch. By asking a few simple questions, we can easily identify the ideal system for you.

How much does a packaged sewage pump station cost?

This varies greatly depending upon the specific model chosen. But, rest assured, all of our packaged pump stations are costed fairly. Whether you need a mini sewage pumping station with a single pump or a large dual-pump sewage system, you will find the highest quality of products – available at a highly competitive price.

Do packaged pump stations require maintenance?

Our packaged pump stations are designed to be as robust and long-lasting as possible – but it’s still important to look after them well. Regular care and maintenance can both improve the efficiency of the system and extend its overall lifespan. Which is why it’s important to have a pump station maintenance plan in place.

JT Pumps currently offer two maintenance services – including initial wiring and commissioning and annual servicing. It’s also worth taking a look at our blog ‘How to care for your sewage pumping station’. This provides many helpful tips and outlines the main do’s and don’ts of pump station usage.

Why shop with us?

Here at JT Pumps, we stock a diverse range of packaged pump systems – including everything from mini-micro and micro stations to single and dual pump models. These come in various capacities (from 190L to 4400L) and they are suitable for many domestic and commercial applications.

We are an industry-leading supplier of wastewater pumping solutions and demonstrate a wealth of knowledge in this area. If you’re unsure which sewage pump system is best for you, we’re here to help. Our team of experts can offer tailored advice and will make sure you choose the right system for the job.

It’s also important to note, all of our packaged pumping stations are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standard and fully comply with British standards and regulations.

Looking to buy a sewage pumping station? It’s not your average day-to-day purchase. That’s why, before you hit ‘add to cart’, it’s important to do a little research and browse the market. There are many suppliers to choose from, but keep in mind, JT Pumps is well-known and trusted in the pumping solutions industry. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should shop with us.

  1. A comprehensive range of sewage pumping stations

Whatever your sewage pumping needs, we have the ideal system for you. We stock everything from mini-micro and single-pump stations to large dual-pump models. These come in a wide range of tank sizes and capacities (i.e. 190-5300 litres), with something to suit all domestic and commercial applications. For example, we have previously supplied sewage pumping stations for:

  • outbuildings
  • garden rooms
  • house extensions
  • site offices
  • small holidays lets
  • caravans
  • cellars and basements
  • small commercial offices
  • remote classrooms
  • housing developments
  • industrial developments
  • commercial developments
  • schools
  • student accommodation
  • hotels
  • restaurants

Further information on the pumping stations available can be found in our product catalogue. This provides a detailed specification for all items and is a great place to start your search.

  1. Expert knowledge

As a leading supplier of wastewater pumping stations, it’s fair to say, we’re experts in our field. We have unparalleled knowledge of sewage pumping stations and we’re always here to help. If you have a question or are unsure which system is right for you, there’s no need to struggle. Simply pick up the phone and a member of our team will be more than happy to be of assistance.

  1. A bespoke approach to enquiries

Your enquiry is unique – and we will treat it as such. We start by asking about the system’s intended use. Where will it be used? By how many people? How far does it need to pump? Using this insight, we can then create the ideal sewage pumping station for you – picking out the optimum tank size and fitting it with the best pumping equipment for the application.

Our goal is to make the buying process as simple and convenient as possible. Just tell us what you wish to achieve and we will come up with a bespoke solution that is perfect for your needs.

  1. High-quality products

All of our sewage pumping stations are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standard. Not only do they come as a pre-packaged unit – with everything you need to get the system up-and-running – but they also successfully comply with strict building regulations and standards. What’s more, they’re designed to be robust and long-lasting and are a reliable investment for your project.

  1. Ongoing support

Our services don’t simply end when you checkout. We understand that regular care and maintenance can both improve the efficiency of your sewage pumping station and extend its overall lifespan – which is why we offer a number of ‘after-sales’ services to our customers.

For example, we provide a professional wiring and commissioning service. Once the new system has arrived and everything is in place, one of our trained engineers will visit your site, test the connections and ensure it’s working correctly. We also offer annual maintenance visits and, in the event of a sudden breakdown, we accept emergency call-outs. As a valued customer of ours, help is always just a phone call away.

  1. Price match guarantee

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and we don’t like to be beaten on price. That’s why all of our sewage pumping stations are priced as competitively as possible. If you do happen to find a cheaper quote for the same specification elsewhere, we will match it like for like. There are no hidden extras and we also offer free delivery on all online orders over £600.

We do a wide range of pumping stations for lots of different applications, if you don’t have gravity flow, you will need a pumping station, which we can supply you. Just give us a call or send the drawings and we will quote you.

Packaged Pump Stations

When it comes to finding sewage pumping stations, you needn’t look any further than JT Pumps. Here at JT Pumps, we have generated experience from supplying customers with what they need most. No matter what your pumping requirements are, we have a perfect solution, waiting for you! There are several ways in which you can benefit from our sewage pumping stations, take our packaged sewage pumping stations for instance.

But what are Packaged Sewage Pumping Stations?

The domestic sewage pumps at JT Pumps are used to remove sewage where there is know gravity to the main sewer. We supply these in a wide range of sizes and styles that are easily adapted to suit specific requirements.

How do the sewage pumping stations work?

JT Pumps supply only high-quality pumping stations, made to last and to look visually appealing. The process for our domestic sewage pumps is relatively straightforward; the water that’s removed from the pump stations will be pumped underground to the main sewer making it highly efficient. The sewage pumping stations are an ideal solution for the removal of sewage water. They are fully automatic making things a whole lot easier.

Which Domestic Sewage Pumps do we have?

Here at JT Pumps, we have a variety of sewage pumping stations available, including the Micro Sewage Pumping Stations. These are in stock in a wide range of capacities, starting from 190L up to 2000L.
The sewage pumping stations are all designed to offer high quality. They are also very easy to install and come pre-assembled, saving you time

If you’re on a limited budget and looking for a domestic sewage pump, you’ll want to take a look at our Mini Micro Sewage Pumping Station. This particular product is always ready to perform to a high standard when there is no gravity. This tank is job-ready meaning it’s appropriate for use in the garden, extensions and other small applications.

In terms of quality, the Sewage Pumping Station 2 inch JTDual Rigged station is one of the best! the pumps are cast iron with stainless steel which means it’s especially reliable and a sturdy solution. The GRP tank has a high water alarm and can have up to 4400L capacity, making it an appropriate option for up use by 30 people.

If you need any assistance choosing the right domestic sewage pump, then get in touch with our team of professionals. We are always on hand and think nothing less than to help you to find exactly what you need, suiting your requirements with regards to affordability and application. Call us on 0844 414 5800 to find out more!

How are the Domestic Sewage Pumps used?

Our sewage pumping stations are suitable for several applications. Schools, hospitals and housing developments that need to remove sewage safely.
JTPumps packaged sewage pumping stations offer exceptional value for money, they are tailored to customer needs with regards to application and also budget, so make sure you find something suitable from our range of sewage pumping stations!

How do you know if you need a Packaged Pumping Station?

If you don't have gravity flow to the main sewer you will need a pumping station. If you have an outbuilding or an extension, you could benefit from one of the domestic sewage pumps from JT Pumps, they’re reliable and provide excellent value for money.

Are you looking for a complete wastewater management plan?

If so, you need one of our packaged pumping stations, with our Wiring and commissioning service and also our service plan Consider our domestic sewage pump station to be your go-to equipment for improving reliability and efficiency.

Most Tanks made in England, Internal pipe work and fittings made in the UK, Pump & Panels Made in EU

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Want to know more about our sewage pumping stations?

You’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Our team are always on hand and happy to answer your questions. Simply give us a call on 0844 414 5800 or send an email to sales@jtpumps.co.uk. We’re regarded as industry-leaders for a reason and we can supply the ideal sewage pumping station for you.