Sewage Accessories

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When it comes to sewage, you don’t want to take any chances with your pumping systems. Sewage system accessories from JT Pumps can help to adapt your sewage pumping system to suit any conditions, creating a completely bespoke solution which perfectly matches your requirements.

The water pump accessories available from JT Pumps fulfil a variety of crucial functions for sewage systems – including connectivity, seals, alarms and automatic switches.

Additional piping for your system is available in a variety of lengths and diameters, including straight rigid piping perfect for construction of fixed systems, and rolls of flexible MDPE piping which are ideal for use as sewage system accessories in more flexible, adaptable systems. These pipes can be connected to your pumping system and to each other by means of connectors and adaptors, which are available as water pump accessories as straight connectors or with a 90-degree bend, allowing you to arrange your piping however necessary.

Other sewage system accessories include a range of float switches, which are able to activate or deactivate your pumping system based on water level, automating much of its function and providing peace of mind and freedom to attend other matters.

Neck extenders for pump station tanks allow deeper installation without compromising ease of access, and high water alarms provide security against dangerously high water levels, alerting you when water reaches a certain level and allowing an appropriate and timely response.

No matter your requirements, the range of sewage system accessories from JT Pumps will be able to help provide the perfect pumping solution.