Rain Harvesting Above and Below ground

Rain Harvesting Above and Below Ground

Harvesting rainwater is a very simple concept; it involves the collection of rainwater, storage and distribution of recycled rainwater. The purpose being for this recycled water to be used in a variety of commercial and residential environments. To accommodate these differing environments, rainwater systems come in varying sizes. JT Pumps supply harvesting rainwater systems for small gardens and the largest of commercial properties.

So why use a rainwater harvesting system? Rainwater collected form roofs provides a high-quality water source. The use of rainwater harvesting systems also provides many other benefits:

• Can reduce mains water usage of a typical home by up to 70%. The recycled water can be used for washing laundry, cleaning, car washing. garden irrigation and toilet flushing.

• Due to the reduced amount of mains water used, rain harvesting systems offer large savings on household utility bills.

• Harvesting rainwater offers the perfect solution to combat water metering and the ever-increasing warmer climates.

Why use clean potable water to flush down the toilet? It makes no sense.

Here at JT Pumps we have developed a range of systems which are simple to use, simple to install and simple to maintain.

Rainwater systems are the ideal solution for saving, storing and reusing rainwater. High quality rainwater is required for many uses. Therefore, ensuring good quality rainwater is collected in your storage tank is essential. At JT Pumps, our service begins with fitting a rainwater filter into the downpipe.

The collection of rainwater can be broken down into two distinctive categories, above and below ground rainwater systems.

There are three primary benefits to implementing an above ground rainwater system. They are a cost-effective solution, easy to install and require little maintenance. Underground tanks can be useful if above ground space is limited or is required to be used for other purposes. These tanks will vary in size depending on the space available and the rainwater demand.

If you think your household or commercial property would benefit from the use of a rain harvesting system, browse our range online today. Find out more by calling an expert on 0844 414 5800.