Rain Harvesting 2600L
Rain Harvesting 2600L
Rain Harvesting 2600L
Rain Harvesting 2600L
Rain Harvesting 2600L

Rain Harvesting 2600L

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Rain Harvesting Systems Domestic Garden and Commercial Easy to Install and maintain
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JTP-2600 HTc = unit comes with a Header Tank                                       For Delivery Prices please call

JTP-2600 DPc= Direct Pressure system

General System Principals
The JTP-2600HTc & 2600DPc rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems are designed to collect the water falling on the roof of a property and store it for subsequent re-use for non-potable purposes such as toilet-flushing, clothes washing machines and outside tap.
Although non-potable, the aesthetic appearance of the water supplied is maintained by passing the water through a high-quality filter before entry into the storage tank, storing the water in a stable cool temperature underground, ensuring the water cycles through the tank every 18-days or so, and passing it through a very fine-mesh in-line filter before it is supplied to the services. From the users’ perspective, all operations of the system are entirely automatic with continuity of supply being achieved by an automatic mains-water top-up facility which caters for prolonged periods without rain.
All JTP systems are designed to integrate fully and cost-effectively with the overall water management arrangements for projects, including providing appropriate attenuation requirements as part of a combined SUDS/RWH system.

System Performance
The JTP-2600HTc & 2600DPc systems have been designed to conform to the requirements of BS-8515 (the national code of practice for RWH systems).
The systems are also designed to address national water-shortage issues, and to help developers meet the water-consumption requirements of BREEAM assessments, the Code for Sustainable Homes, and Building Regulations Part-G. The design therefore takes into account the size and occupancy of the building, together with anticipated local rainfall; examples of the RWH yield we calculate are shown in the table below:

Roof Area Local Rainfall (mm per year)
500 600 700 800 900
80-sq m 36,000 43,200 50,400 57,600 64,800
90-sq m 40,500 48,600 56,700 64,800 72,900
100-sq m 45,000 54,000 63,000 72,000 81,000
120-sq m 54,000 64,800 75,600 86,400 97,200
Notes: 1. The numbers in italics show the anticipated yield of  JTP-2600 systems in litres per year
            2. For comparison purposes 2-people will use around 28,000-litres of non-potable water per year,
                excluding garden irrigation


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