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At JT Pumps, we stock a wide range of specialist pumping equipment to suit any requirements you may have. Our specialist pumping stations have a range of applications, from our basement drainage pump selection which can pump floodwaters from cellars and basements quickly and efficiently, to sewage pumps and grey water pumps that are able to deal effectively with waste water and flood protection pumps that are designed as emergency measures, to move floodwater as it comes in to an area, preventing severe damage from occurring.

In addition to these drainage and sewage pumps, the JT Pumps range includes pre-packaged pumping stations, which come ready to install where you need them most. Before installing one, feel free to message the experts at JT Pumps to discuss your needs – no matter what your requirements, they’ll be able to help you find a pumping station that can reliably and effectively deal with your problems.

JT Pumps also stock a range of macerator and grinder pumps and macerating sump pump stations for heavier applications, plus submersible pumps for dealing with large volumes of water – if you require either of these specialised pumping stations, or you are wondering whether you do, simply get in touch today. Please bear in mind that not every pump in stock at JT Pumps is listed on this website, so if you need something which doesn’t appear here, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

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Oliju Vortex F 50.75   50mm 2 inch
Our Price: £438.99
Oliju Vortex F 65.150      65mm 3 inch
Our Price: £694.99

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