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JT Pumps is a well-known and trusted supplier of complete waste water and surface water pumping solutions. We have a significant level of knowledge and experience in this industry and, whatever your specific requirements, we have the perfect water pumping solution ready and waiting for you.

A comprehensive range of water pumping solutions

Our pumping solutions can be broken down into three main categories, including:

Sewage pumps – a range of pumping solutions that move effluent water and solids from one location to another, without the aid of gravitational flow. For example, sewage pumps are typically used when the plumbing line travels uphill or horizontally towards the main sewage system.

Macerator pumps – a specific type of sewage pump, which effectively breaks sewage solids down into a liquid and subsequently moves this liquid towards the sewage system. Once again, this type of waste water pumping solution is particularly useful when the force of gravity cannot be relied upon.

Submersible pumps – a sealed airtight device, which successfully operates under water and can be used to drain excess volumes of clean and dirty water (of different viscosity). Thanks to the addition of a float switch or level sensor, most submersible pumps kick into action automatically.

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Perhaps you’re looking for a way to remove waste water when gravity is not on your side? Or maybe you need to drain copious volumes of liquid or excess surface water? Either way, JT Pumps is here to help! Browse our full collection of water pumping solutions today and, if you require any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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