***Please Note there are no refunds or returns on MDPE pipework***    (Online or Direct)

MDPE Pipe and Fittings

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When you need to change the configuration of your pumping solution, you can rely on the range of MDPE pipe and fittings from JT Pumps. We can provide MDPE pipe in various lengths and diameters, ensuring that your pumping system can be correctly connected wherever necessary, and allowing you to create more modular pumping solutions that can be adapted to suit your needs. This piping is available in straight lengths or flexible rolls of up to 100m MDPE pipe.

Connectors of various configurations are also available as part of the MDPE pipe and fittings range, with straight connectors, 90-degree bends, outlet sockets and sockets of various diameters providing the ability to connect your piping and pump system however you like, creating the ideal system for your unique circumstances.

As well as MDPE pipe and fittings, JT Pumps also stocks a range of high water alarms which are perfect for use with pumping systems of any kind. Many pumps will begin to suffer or lose performance if the water level rises too high, so a high water alarm will provide significant peace of mind and security during a flood or other high-water event, alerting you to danger in time for you to take appropriate action.

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