Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6 People
Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6 People
Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6 People
Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6 People
Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6 People

Matrix Sewage Treatment Plant 6 People

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The MATRIX CLF1 is an efficient, reliable, sewage treatment system for all residential, commercial and Industrial applications
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Matrix Sewage Treatment Plants [ 3 weeks delivery at moment phone office for details]
6-300 pop

Matrix packaged sewage treatment plants are manufactured for 6 pe to 300 pe in a single structure “unitank” design units. Installation is a quick, simple and extremely competitive process. Due to the flexibility of manufacture, treatment plants can be manufactured to suit virtually any site restrictions using the latest in process and polypropylene plastics technologies. Matrix sewage treatment plants (6 – 50 pop) are fully tested to BS EN 12566 Pt 3. with an average performance rating up to 97% efficiency. Individual maximum efficiency results BOD, SS and NH4 – up to 98.8%. This makes the Matrix sewage treatment system fully compliant with the new European Standard. The MATRIX treatment system is a three stage biological process. Careful configuration of the internal flowpath and the inclusion of non-mechanical recirculation systems ensures optimal process performance, providing complete peace of mind to the end user. The MATRIX is an efficient, reliable, sewage treatment system for all residential, commercial and Industrial applications 
Price list                            You can buy online for Models CLF1 , CLF2, and CLF3 for the rest of the models please phone 
Features & Benefits...
Full technical back up and customer service support.
Nationwide network of service engineers.
Supply only or full supply and installation through certified installers.
Single tank installation to minimize costs.
Failure alarm systems as standard, not at additional cost.
GSM telemetry dial out alarm units available at small additional cost.
No mechanical or electrical parts within the unit.
Robust Polypropylene construction for easy and cost effective installation.
No visual intrusion. Flat, flush ground level covers suitable for 1 tonne load.
Simple installation in vehicular areas, up to D400 loading.
Low running and maintenance costs.
Integral discharge pumps where required (all models) no additional tank.                      
Deep inlet inverts available to avoid pumping crude sewage to plant.                                          
Model Ref PE BOD/day
CLF1 6 0.36 1.20 see above see page
CLF1A 9 0.54 1.35 Phone Office Phone Office
CLF2 12 0.72 2.40 see page see page
CLF3 18 1.06 3.60 see page see page
CLF4 25 1.50 5.00 see page see page
CLF5 30 1.80 6.00 Phone Phone
CLF6 40 2.40 8.00 Phone Phone
CLF7 50 3.00 10.00 Phone Phone
CLF8 60 3.60 12.00 Phone Phone
CLF9 70 4.20 14.00 Phone Phone
CLF10 80 4.80 16.00 Phone Phone
CLF11 90 5.40 18.00 Phone Phone
CLF12 100 6.00 20.00 Phone Phone
CLF13 125 7.50 25.00 Phone Phone
CLF14 150 9.00 30.00 Phone Phone
CLF15 200 12.00 40.00 Phone Phone
CLF16 250 15.00 50.00 Phone Phone
CLF17 300 60.00 60.00 Phone Phone

For any application, be it domestic, residential, commercial or industrial, where there is no
access to a mains sewer by gravity or by pumping, the MATRIX sewage treatment plant provides
an extremely safe, efficient, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage disposal.
The design of the MATRIX system takes into account all those aspects which we have found to be
important to domestic and commercial customers alike and is fully tested and CE certified to BSEN12566-3,
which is now a mandatory requirement, achieving industry leading test results in both process and structural efficiency. (see Standards and Certification.)
There are no mechanical components within the treatment plant itself thereby ensuring that maintenance is minimal, simple and safe.
Installation is quick, simple and cost effective.
Once installed there is little visual impact as the flat cover finishes flush with ground level and is rated for safe pedestrian and light machinery load and there is no loss of area use, unlike treatment plants which have semi domed fibreglass covers.
MATRIX treatment plants can be installed in trafficked areas with little additional cost. (JTPumps must be consulted in every instance).
Due to the flexibility of our manufacturing process, the MATRIX treatment plant can built to accommodate any site installation restrictions there may be, as long as we can maintain the process requirements

Technical Data asked for details

Delivery Time 2 to 3 weeks


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Brand Matrix
Weight 50kg