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Macerator Pumps

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If you are looking for a sewage pump that is capable of handling arduous pumping tasks without complaints or problems, then look no further than the JT Pumps macerator pumps selection. Chosen to comply to building regulations on sewage pumping capacity and waste management ability, this range includes Oliju, Semisom, SK and Gnash pumps.

The ideal use of grinder pumps is in sewage removal, and several of the pumps in this range are ideal for use in home or commercial packaged sewage pumping Stations.

The key characteristic of macerator pumps, or grinder pumps, are their ability to grind up and destroy solid material, reducing the risk of blockages and making the waste easier to pump out. With one of the high-quality macerator pumps from JT Pumps, you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your waste pump is a hardy machine able to destroy potential blockages and deal with even strenuous pumping tasks.

If you need a macerator pump or macerator pumping station, simply call JT Pumps on 08444145800 or email sales@jtpumps.co.uk today to speak to industry experts who can advise you and provide a quote!