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Macerator Pumps

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  • Semisom GR125 Macerator / Cutter Pump

    Semisom GR125 Macerator / Cutter Pump

    Semisom GR125 Auto or Manual - Submersible Pump - Anti-Clogging Design - To pump sewage with heads up to 30 metres Avoids blockages with high starting torque - Long Life - Cutter in forged and tempered steel Call 0844-414-5800
  • 750 SK Macerator/Grinder Pump 14m head

    750 SK Macerator/Grinder Pump 14m head

    Designed to handle raw waste water containing long fibrous material, these macerator (chopper) pumps are used mainly in the sewage, agricultural, textile and construction industries.
  • GR Blue Professional Macerator pump upto  27m head

    GR Blue Professional Macerator pump upto 27m head

    GR Blue Professional Macerating Submersible Pump ...Only Macerator pump with build in start capacitor. ... Designed for domestic and professional use, the GR Blue Pro range of submersible pumps with high-head, cast iron impeller and cutter, boasts an impressive 69,000 cuts per minute.
  • Caprari MXT07M2/G  Grinder pump

    Caprari MXT07M2/G Grinder pump

    These pumps can be used to lift the sewage of blocks of flats and villas, small isolated areas far from the sewer systems; the sewage of hotels and campsites, in the food and paper industry and in those particular situations where the installation is often expensive by using a gravity system. 

A macerator pump, or sewage grinder pump, is a fantastic way to remove foul sewage from your property – particularly when gravity can’t be relied upon and the risk of blockage is high.

The main purpose of a macerator pump is to grind sewage solids into a liquid and subsequently pump this liquid (either uphill or horizontally) towards the property’s main sewage system. By macerating the sewage in this way, all solids and fibres are destroyed. It is much easier for the liquid to be passed through small sewage tubes and the chance of blockage is significantly reduced. 

Sewage grinder pumps are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Typically installed in a macerator pumping station, they form part of a robust and effective pre-assembled unit and they are capable of dealing with strenuous sewage pumping tasks. Whether you’re looking to install a WC in the basement of your home or you’d like to utilise the basement toilets in your commercial property, an effective grinder pump is exactly what you need.

A range of industry-leading macerator pumps

JT Pumps is a leading supplier of water pumping solutions and we offer a comprehensive range of effective yet economical macerator pumps. Each model in this collection is easy to install and maintain and they are capable of macerating both sewage solids and fibres. They also comply with strict building regulations on sewage pumping capacity and waste management ability. 

Our collection of grinder pumps currently includes a range of popular brands, including Oliju, Semisom, SK and Gnash – to name just a few. The exact macerator pump that you need will depend on the size of your property and the number of people using the facilities. However, we particularly recommend using the SGR 50.220 Heavy Duty Macerator Pump in conjunction with the JTDual 2” Maz SG/R Heavy Duty Macerator Pumping Station (both of which are coming soon to the website).

If you are in need of a macerator pump or grinder pump system, why not browse our industry-leading collection today. Our team of experts are always happy to help and, if you have any questions, it is incredibly easy to get in touch. Simply call us on 0844 414 5800 or send a quick message using the online contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.