JTFS Mini Sewage Pumping Station 785L to 1570L

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JTFS Mini Sewage Pumping Station in 2 inch pump station is suitable for pumping sewage for a single dwelling Also suitable for pumping rainwater, comes in 1000mm Dia.
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Sewage Pumping Station in 2 inch pump station suitable for all applications, domestic  for foul, sewage pumping. Single dwelings  Also suitable for pumping rainwater.

The  JTFS Mini is a pre-assembled ready for use automatic pump station particularly suitable when the water from drains is collected at lower than the main sewer.

The standard pumping station consists of submersilbe pump and come complete with 50mm solid handling  for peace of mind

Pump Features

Cast iron/Stainless steel construction
Coolant filled motor
Mechanical seal
10 metre cable
Float switch as standard
8 head
50mm solid handling

Tank Features

Polyethylene tank
785 or 1250L  or 1700L  or 2250L Capacity  can be selected when ordering
1 x Pedestrian rated cover or D400 40Ton Driveway cover  (extra)
1 x 110mm/160mm inlets
1 x non-return valve

Depth mm Diameter mm Capacity L Size Inch
1000 1000 785 2
1500 1000 1178 2
2000 1000 1570 2
2500 1200 2820 2 (ring office)




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Jim from Southampton -

The mini pump is great & really reliable!

Rohith from Coventry -

Absolutely exemplary service from JT Pumps. Conscientious and considerate; I would recommend them to anyone.

Brand JTPumps
Weight 35kg