JTFS Mini Maz 800L Sewage Pumping station 800L up to 20m lift

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JTFS Mini Maz 800L Sewage Pumping Station in 2 inch pump station suitable for all applications, domestic for foul, sewage pumping. Single dwellings come with macerator pump for chopping up sewage
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This packaged sewage pumping station from JT Pumps comes ready for installation and is perfect for domestic use in situations where gravity drainage is impossible or impractical – such as in constructions below the line of the mains sewerage piping. Available as a Single station as standard, this pumping station is also available in Dual – if you are interested in the dual model, please call the JT Pumps head office on 01618717498 for details and a quote.

The JTFS Mini Maz 800L packaged pumping station is perfect for pumping sewage in a domestic application, and as it is a macerator pump, its tungsten-carbide-edged blade will make short work of any solids suspended in the liquid, stopping them from blocking the pump and making them safe to pump away. With hardy stainless steel and cast iron construction, this macerator pump will stand the test of time. It consists of a submersible auto-macerator pump as standard, which is able to cut up any solids it encounters and can safely pass solids up to 30mm, providing unmatched peace of mind. Ideal for situations which forbid you from digging too far below the level of the ground.
The JTFS Mini Maz 800L packaged pumping station is also available in a dual-pump configuration.

Pump Features:
Construction in either stainless steel and cast iron for unmatched durability and longevity
Coolant-filled motor
Mechanical seal as standard
10m power cable
1 submersible pump as standard
20m pump head height
Available in 3-phase operation

Tank Features:
Sturdy, easy-to-maintain polyethylene tank
1000mm x 1000mm volume (800L)
Screw-down lid as standard
110/160 millimetre inlets (to be drilled on site)
Non-return valve as standard prevents any backwash or reverse movement

Please allow an extra day for the delivery of this item, which comes ready to install.



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Sam from Llandegla -

Good powerful pumping station that doesn’t get blocked, and the guys who delivered it were really helpful. Would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a pump!

Keigan from Maghull -

Honestly very impressed with this pumping station. Came ready to install so all we had to do was connect it up and its working like a dream so far. Thanks to John and all the team at JT for their help

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