JTFS Dual Range - Basement Pumping Station

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The JTFS Dual Basement is suitable for Basement or cellar removal of water Applications For clean water containing solids up to 5 mm grain size. For basement drainge For cellar drainage Can be used with dishwashers washing machines
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JTFS Dual Basement pumping station is a range of pumping stations which come with Two Automatic pumps, One pump mounted higher than the other one so if pump one can't keep up with flow both will work together which will increase the flow to max! Also the second pump is there if the first pump stops working ready to take over

Comes with 2 x stainless steel Automatic pumps all pre-assembled Ready for install.

The JTFS Dual Basement Twin is a pre-assembled ready for use Auto pumps station. one mounted higher than the other one (or has a shorter float switch than the other one)

To handle clean, dirty or slightly polluted water.

For emptying cellars, small sumps, pumping rainwater.

The standard pumping station comes with  of the JTFS Dual Two submersible pumps with float switch build into each pump.

For clean water containing solids up to 5 mm grain size.
For draining rooms or or emptying tanks.
For basement drainage
For cellar drainage
For rainwater
For gray water, dirty or polluted water
Can be used with dishwashers washing machines

Pump Features
2 x Single-impeller submersible Auto pumps with float switches
Vertical delivery port
Cable length 10m.
Solids up to 5mm grain size
Stainless steel motor casing
Coolant filled motor
Mechanical seal
10 metre cable

Also comes with Single pump see website

Tank Features
Polyethylene tank
190 L 300L 450L 600L  Capacity  can be selected when ordering
Screw down lid
Non-return valve
1 x 32mm threaded out
1x 110mm /160mm inlet to be drilled on site

Depth mm Diameter mm Capacity L Size Out
635 610 190 32mm or 63mm
1000 610 300 32mm or 63mm
1500 610 450 32mm or 63mm
2000 610 600 32mm or 63mm

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Brand JTPumps JTFS
Weight 45kg