Grease Traps

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Grease Traps

From 150 lire to 2000 litre in capacity grease traps naturally separate out fats and grease from waste kitchen water. Removing the fats and grease greatly reduces incidents of blocked drains, improves the performance of Pumping station, septic tanks, soak aways and prevents contamination of sewage treatment plants.
Use: Primary treatment of residential grey water. The sand/grease trap is installed near the kitchen drains, laundry and bathroom to separate grease, foam, vegetable and animal fats and other solid particles in the waste water.
Operation: The system takes advantage of gravity to eliminate all those solid particles characterized by a specific weight greater than that of water such as to deposit on the bottom of the tank. Furthermore, for flotation, oils, fats and substances with specific weight lower than water get separated from each other; this phenomenon reduces the presence of oily substances which tend to coat biological materials thus preventing oxidation.

Grease Trap Range                                                             Prevents Liquefied Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG’s)
From Entering and Solidifying in Your Drainage Pipes

Grease Traps are an essential component to any Kitchen or Catering establishment. With legislation on effluent becoming stricter, especially with regards to new catering premises it is essential that you keep up to date. Grease Traps slow down the flow of water and allow time for liquefied FOG’s to cool and solidify in the Grease Trap while water is free to flow through.

They greatly reduce blockages in sewage lines and pipes and are integral to maintaining free running pipes. JT Pumps Grease Traps range from 150 litres to 450 litres in capacity and are made from robust HDPE.

Range   JTG  Above/Below Ground - From 150 Litres to 450 Litres

Range   JTG  Pro - Below Ground - From 850Litres to 6710 Litres