Garden Rain Harvesting System 800L
Garden Rain Harvesting System 800L
Garden Rain Harvesting System 800L
Garden Rain Harvesting System 800L
Garden Rain Harvesting System 800L

Garden Rain Harvesting System 800L

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Rain Harvesting Systems Domestic Garden Easy to Install and maintain
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JTFS Mini Garden Rain Harvesting System    comes with internal pipe work made up for you
Tank sizes
1000mm x 1000mm 800L
1000mm x 1500mm 1250L
1000mm x 2000mm 1700L
1000mm x 2500mm 2000L      
other Bigger sizes
what you get is the Tank with a 600 x 600mm metal lid, pre assembled internal Pipe work , pump with build in non-return valve , 25mm MDPE Outlet   designed to run to a tap. when you turn the tap on the water comes out.

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General System Principals
The JTP Rain Harvesting garden rainwater harvesting (RWH) system is designed to
collect the water falling on the roof of a property and store it for subsequent re-use for
garden-irrigation or other outside-tap applications. The water supplied is suitable for
these intended, purposes, but ingestion is to be avoided.

The system is supplied on the understanding that the user intends to harvest rainwater
during the generally wetter months between September to May, to provide water for
irrigation purposes during the drier/warmer summer months. If it is intended to use the
system to a different pattern of usage, then we would be pleased to advise accordingly.

As the intention is to have the maximum amount of water available for irrigation during
the summer, it is the user’s choice which size of storage tank is selected; this is unlike
full domestic systems where tanks must be sized in accordance with BS-8515.
Similarly, as water is being collected throughout the winter ready for summer use, there
would generally be no need to harvest rainwater from the whole roof; this, together with
the fact that the plumbing arrangements inside the property are not affected, greatly
simplifies installation arrangements and makes retrofitting a cost-effective option.

The water supplied by the system is not subject to hose-pipe bans or water restrictions,
as it is not supplied by the water utility company.

System Performance
The Table below shows the theoretical amount of rainwater that can be harvested each
year; the amount actually harvested will depend upon the size of tank selected, and the
pattern of usage:
Roof Area Local Rainfall (mm per year)
500 600 700 800 900
50-sq m 22,500 27,000 31,500 36,000 40,500
60-sq m 27,000 32,400 37,800 43,200 48,600
70-sq m 31,500 37,800 44,700 50,400 56,700
80-sq m 36,000 43,200 50,400 57,600 64,800
Notes: 1. The numbers in italics show the quantity of water available for collection in litres per year
            2. As a broad guide to consumption, a garden sprinkler on full-flow delivers around 500-litres per hour
            3. The JTP Rain Harvesting-800 garden rainwater harvesting is supplied internal pipe work + pump


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