Floor Mounted Pumping Stations Extra's

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  • Gate Valve DN80 (PN16, Cast iron)

    Gate Valve DN80 (PN16, Cast iron)

    From: £295.00
    Gate Valve DN80 (PN16, Cast iron) :- A DN80 PN16 Gate Valve required for the Atlas and Atlas Twin ranges. Allows the discharge pipe work to be isolated during times of maintenance.
  • Hand Membrane Pump

    Hand Membrane Pump

    The Hand Membrane Pump is used to clear a sealed, floor mounted pumping station of waste in the event of a breakdown. Can be permanently wall mounted, or stored and installed if required.
  • Microvent Kit

    Microvent Kit

    The Micro Vent Kit can be installed with any of our floor mounted pumping stations where a vent to atmosphere is not possible to install.