Flood Relief

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Domestic and Commercial Supplied
Any property with a cellar or basement, a sub-level, lower-ground floor or any kind of void below ground level are vulnerable to damage by floodwaters or the penetration of groundwater into the sub-floor void. As the lowest point in the surrounding ground, water will naturally attempt to infiltrate it, and in storm or flood conditions this is made considerably worse by the saturation of the ground and enormous amounts of water.

Any of these conditions can lead to flooding of your basement or void, which can cause huge amounts of damage – but with a flood water pump, you’ll be able to respond properly and prevent any further damage from occurring. Able to pump floodwater out faster than it can enter, the flood water pump range from JT Pumps includes the JTFlood models of pump & sump station, self-contained pumping stations which can drain away flood waters from low-lying areas at a phenomenal rate, and both include float switches to allow automatic activation – so in sub-floor areas with chronic flooding or groundwater seepage, or in an emergency flooding situation when you have more important things on your mind, the pump system will begin working automatically!

The first of the JTFlood range, the JTFLOOD1, is able to automatically pump floodwaters away from your home or business at a rate of 500L per minute, while the other flood water pump available, the JTFLOOD2, is able to remove water at a stunning 999L per minute rate!

For more information on these flood water pumps, don’t hesitate to call JT Pumps on 08444145800 to speak to one of our experts!