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EGO 500 Auto 1mm Floor / Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps
EGO 500 Auto 1mm Floor / Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps EGO 500 Auto 1mm Floor / Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps EGO 500 Auto 1mm Floor / Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps EGO 500 Auto 1mm Floor / Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps

EGO 500 Auto 1mm Floor / Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps

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Product Description

EGO 500SE LS Fully Automatic " Puddle Sucker " Cellar Pump        Floor/Puddle Sucker Cellar Pumps   [EGO 500 Auto 1mm]

Unique to JTPumps has Pre- Setup Auto start Levels  Start   3mm   Stop 1mm

This is a fully automatic adjustable low suction pump that can be set to work automatically as low as just 1mm with a fast flow rate

Plastic drainage pumps  for low suction applications
These  240/1/50 pumps  are  designed   for handling   clean   or  slightly  polluted  water. They feature an electronic adjustable Start/Stop facility, making  them particularly useful for tight sump and  low level (down to
1mm) pumping  applications.

The EGO 500 SE LS has a 0.47kW  motor running at Nom. 2.1Amp.  It is manufactured  using antioxidant  and  corrosion resistant materials. Pump casing,  body and  impeller in PPS, Stainless steel motor casing/shaft. Special
wear resistant shaft coating with triple shaft seal.

*Built-in thermal protection with auto reset *Suitable for continuous duty up to 35°C *10m H07RN-F cable and  plug as standard *Supplied  with non-return  valve and variable  hosetail as standard.


- Permanent or portable installations

- Indoors and outdoors applications

- Emptying of tanks

- Drainage of pits

- Drainage of swimming pools

- Emptying cellars and taverns

- Emptying underpasses and tunnels

- Emptying showers and washing machines rooms

The new range of EGO SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS is built with the knowledge that distinguishes Simaco since many years, always at the forefront of research and application of the best technology, offering the market continued INNOVATIONS.

EGO pumps, with high performances, are the result of a careful study of construction features, materials and market demands and offer MAXIMUM VERSATILITY 'executions, LONG-LIFE and EASY MAINTENANCE

Construction features :

• Single-phase motor 230V/50HZ with incorporated thermal protection with automatic reset; special voltages and frequencies on demand
• MWater cooled motor with top discharge protects the pump from overheating even when partially submerged
• Liquid temperature in continuous operation service +35 ° C max
• Antioxidant and corrosion resistant materials.
• Motor casing in AISI 304.
• Motor shaft in AISI 304.
• Pump casing, pump body and impeller in PPS
• Triple hydraulic seal on the shaft.
• Suitable for clear or slightly dirty waters
• Open impellers for passage of soft solids  9mm
• Electric cables with different lengths and with indissoluble moulded plugs.


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