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Effluent Pumping Stations

A JTFS Effluent Pump is a pre-packaged effluent pump system designed for home or domestic use, but suited to light commercial use where necessary. Designed to remove effluent from the home alongside sewage treatment plants and septic tanks. These pumping stations are able to process water which feature bodies of up to 5mm in size in the suspension, making them perfect for additional use as groundwater pumps, drainage pumps for sump and cavity water disposal, and emergency floodwater pumps.

A effluent pump is also perfect for properties with their own septic tank or sewage treatment system, and are designed to be installed downstream from your sewage treatment system, where it can pump the liquid to its chosen end destination for discharge. As each of the effluent pumping stations sold by JT Pumps come as complete units, each one is sold complete with the pumps and connecting pipes suitable for an effluent pump, as well as float switches and valves to control the flow, and if a Twin system can come with a control panel

The effluent pumping stations sold at JT Pumps are all made from either strong, long-lasting polyethylene or glass-reinforced plastics, and arrive on-site pre-assembled for easier installation!

For more information on our effluent pump stations and sewage effluent pumps, call JT Pumps on 08444145800, where one of our experts will be happy to help you.


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