Dab Divertron 1000 Auto with Non-return Valve

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Dab Divertron 1000 Auto with Non-return Valve
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Divertron 1000 Auto with Non-return Valve
The Divertron 1000, is an automatic submersible pump with dry run protection; it will start by turning the tap on and stops when the tap is turned off.

Build in protection
Multi-impeller submersible pumps with built-in electronics ideal for rain water and mains irrigation systems, for pumping water from tanks, ponds and wells and other applications that require high pres- sure.
The pump is equipped with a built-in electronic control unit which manages its operation (pump ON/FF) and pre- vents damages.

Size A = 150mm H = 450mm OD = 30mm    Weight 11 Kg

The electronics protects the pump against dry running conditions:
... Priming cycle: When started, the pump will perform the following operation until it is primed: four priming trials of 30 minutes (motor ON) with pauses of 3 minutes (motor OFF). If there is no water, i.e. if the priming trials fail, the pump will stop for an hour before trying to prime again. If also this trial fails, there will be a 5 hours pause. Afterwards, if the lack of water persists, the pump will try to prime every 24 hours until it has picked up a prime.
• Normal Operation: If, during the pumps operation, the water supply is inferior to the minimum delivery for more than 40 minutes, the pump will go into alarm, and start a priming cycle. In this case the priming trials are made after 1, 5, and 24 hours until the pump picks up a prime.
The electronic unit also protects the pump from damages that could be caused by the blocking of the Not Return Valve (NRV). Such blockings are generally due to dirt deposits, or sand and they cause the pump to operate also if there is no water demand from the end-user.
The protection function stops the pump automatically every hour; if no damage is detected the pump re-starts immediately. If the VNR is blocked the pump goes into alarm and stops. In this case the pump can be re-started only after unplugging the pump and removing the obstruction to the VNR.
The best working condition is with the pump be completely submersed in water.
Anyway the motor’s cooling system allows the use at the minimum suction height for very short.


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Brand Dab
Weight 0.5kg
MPN Divertron1000M