Commercial Pumping Stations

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Commercial sewage pumping stations are self-contained pumping apparatuses which can be placed in a flooded location, a sump or an area at risk of flood to drain water away quickly and effectively. All the pumping stations from JT Pumps come pre-assembled for easy installation and use, meaning you can get your pumping capabilities set up and active as soon as you need them, and they are suitable for either domestic use – for example in a cellar or basement – and in commercial applications including drainage of stormwater systems, cellars and store rooms.

For increased peace of mind, the JT Pumps commercial sewage pumping stations line includes optional automated activation, solids handling and high water alarms, providing you with a pumping station that can simply and reliably get on with its task when the water begins to rise. Our commercial sewage pumping stations are able to rapidly move large volumes of water, and are suitable for use in sump drainage, floodwater removal and even flood relief applications, and many contain submersible pumps which can operate even when submerged.

With a range of commercial pumping stations that includes pumps able to handle solid waste, pumps which can grind through blockages and pumps which can automatically switch on when a certain water depth is detected, among others, the JT Pumps commercial sewage pumping stations has a diverse range of abilities to suit any requirements, both commercial and otherwise.

You are sure to find something that fits your specific needs, but if you don’t, then don’t hesitate to contact JT Pumps on 08444145800 so that we can discuss the range fully or work out a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.