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The commercial range of sewage pumping stations from JTPumps features a range of ready-to-use pumps and pumping stations designed for use in areas where gravity flow does not allow adequate drainage of sewage, wastewater, floodwater or other unwanted water.

JTPumps are happy to provide sewage pumping stations which are able to quickly drain large volumes of water and which can be configured to operate on an automatic switch, providing peace of mind when set up in flood-prone or at-risk areas. Protect your commercial interests from the damage caused by rampant flooding using our commercial pumps and sewage pumping stations – the range includes break tanks, rainwater harvesting and storm attenuation systems, macerating pumps and bespoke, custom solutions to any pumping problem.

The commercial pumps available from JTPumps come in a range of specifications and abilities to suit any requirements, and include our range of sewage pumping stations – self-contained, fixed pumping assemblies which can quickly drain away even very large quantities of water. Suitable for grey water as well as fouled water, these pump assemblies are able to process solids without becoming blocked and can provide an incredible defence against flooding. Some of our commercial sewage pumping stations, like our puddle suckers, are able to drain away standing water to a depth of only a few millimetres!

All the sewage pumping stations from JT Pumps come pre-assembled, making them extremely easy to install and set up for use, allowing you to get your pumping facilities going quickly and easily when you need them most!