Basement Stations

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  • SuperSump with High Water alarm

    SuperSump with High Water alarm

    SuperSump :- patented Superliner with Airtight Lid, and a High Water Alarm System for ultimate peace of mind! Super Sump Includes :- Sump + Pump + High Water Alarm all at a LOW PRICE
  • SuperSump With UltraSump (battery backup & Alarm)

    SuperSump With UltraSump (battery backup & Alarm)

    The SuperSump, paired with the UltraSump backup system and Waterwatch Alarm is one of the most reliable, dependable basement sump pump systems available, and JT Pumps are delighted to be able to provide these industry-leading systems to our customers
  • TripleSafe kit, Simply "The Best" with Three pumps, Battery backup and Alarm

    TripleSafe kit, Simply "The Best" with Three pumps, Battery backup and Alarm

    This is not a stock item from order, delivery times are 2 weeks from order placed if you are interested in the TripleSafe email direct to The world's best, ultimate protection, patented TripleSafe Sump Pump System by Basement Systems has three pumps to respond to the most prevalent three problems that home owners experience with waterproofing systems that fail. Now a homeowner can finally feel safe with the complete protection of the TripleSafe system.
  • WaterWatch Alarm

    WaterWatch Alarm

    If something should go wrong with your sump pump, and the water began to rise, you would need to take action quickly to prevent a flood, and the patented WaterWatch Alarm System provides the advance warning you need to do just that.
  • Dab Under Sink NOVA BOX

    Dab Under Sink NOVA BOX

    NovaBox Station for the collection and lifting of domestic waste water from the bath, sink, shower, and washing machine , dishwashers in basements, or below the sewer network in general.
  • Zoeller 53 Auto 240v

    Zoeller 53 Auto 240v

    The Pump that is at the heart of the SuperSump Zoeller U53 Auto 240v

Basement Waterproofing

Why Waterproof a Basement?

Basements and other below ground structures require necessary protection to prevent risks of flooding from ground and surface water. Incorporating a basement into your home brings many benefits. They are thermally efficient, strengthen the structure of a building and increase the value of a property. Common purposes for basements being waterproofed include further accommodation, in-house gym, storage and even car parks.

Grades of Waterproofing

Grade 1 – Some damp areas are tolerated, basement inappropriate for dwelling.

Grade 2 – Water penetration intolerable yet water vapour and damp areas are accepted

Grade 3 – Entirely dry environment with no water penetration acceptable

Basements with the purpose of domestic accommodation will require grade 3 waterproofing, whereas car parks and garages will likely only need grade 2 waterproofing.

Pumps for Basement Waterproofing

One of the most commonly used basement waterproofing methods involves managing and channelling any water ingress. This is done by using hidden drainage systems that work with structural waterproofing membranes and sump pumps or basement pumps.

Our basement pumps work by lowering the pressure on the basement walls. Basement pumps do this by dealing with any build up of ground moisture before it reaches the basement walls. This impressive waterproofing solution leaves a dry basement suitable for any purpose you desire.