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Basement Pumping Stations

Basement Pumping Stations are similar to the other prepackaged pumping stations sold at JT Pumps – self-contained pumping systems which can effortlessly move liquid from one place to another. The basement pumping stations stocked here are the same pumping stations as those used for domestic effluent removal, emptying septic tanks and draining sumps, so they are hardwearing and able to deal with floodwater cavity wall drainage quickly and easily.

As these pumps are intended for domestic use first and foremost, they are easy to operate and come prepackaged, making them simple to set up and quick to prepare for work. When you’re preparing to pump floodwater out of your basement or cellar, you don’t want to waste time setting up a needlessly technical pump, so the JT Pumps basement pumping stations are kept as simple as they can be, relying on time-tested, rugged systems to provide results again and again.

Basement pumping systems can also be used for a range of other pumping operations when necessary – as discussed above, they are also commonly used as effluent pumps to drain septic tanks and sumps, and can also be used to quickly and effectively drain other bodies of water, including cavity wall drainage.

Able to deal with clean water and cavity wall drainage the pumps are ideally suited to use as floodwater pumps, with high flow rates. For more information on our basement pumping stations, speak to our expert technical team by calling 08444145800 today!


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