Basement Accessories

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  • 110mm Rubber Wall Seal

    110mm Rubber Wall Seal

    110mm Rubber Wall Seal (4") Wall seal comes with all of the package pumping stations but some times you need more than one on a job so just add as many as you need
  • WaterWatch Alarm

    WaterWatch Alarm


    Untill this webpage is updated this product is currently not available. but a similar replacement will be available soon Please emails your contact details so you can be notified when they are avaiable [08-04-2024]

    WaterWatch Alarm System provides the advance warning you need to do just that.

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Basement Waterproofing and Drainage Supplies from JT Pumps. Everything you need to complete your Basement (cellar) System from PVC piping to Trench Drain,Elbow pipe and pipe work.