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If you need to modify or update your pump solutions, the JT Pumps range of accessories provide the adaptability and modular functionality to meet any challenge.

Our basement accessories can help make sure your basement pumping system is suited to your unique circumstances, with outlet sockets in a range of sizes, rubber seals to ensure neat, secure connections to any piping and high water alarms with water resistant cases and, if necessary, emergency battery-powered backups to provide the peace of mind you need in a crisis.

High water alarms are particularly useful basement accessories, with the ability to alert you to dangerous water levels so you can react accordingly. During a flood or leak, this can make all the difference!

In addition to basement accessories, we also stock a wide variety of sewage accessories, allowing you to adapt your sewage pumping system as you need it. Available sewage accessories include rolls of pipe in different gauges, outlet and connector sockets, and adaptors which make your sewage pumping solution more readily adaptable to different configurations and space requirements. Float switches and high water alarms help to control water levels, and can even automate the process of activating and deactivating your pumps, with float switches making the system capable of reacting to the water level without your input.

Key to these sewage accessories is our range of MDPE pipe and fittings, including straight lengths of pipe and rolls of flexible MDPE piping. These pipes can be connected to your pump system or to one another by the use of fittings including straight connectors and 90-degree bends, making our MDPE pipe and fittings selection the perfect answer to your connectivity requirements!