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Flood and Storm Relief

JT Flood Resilience Properties with cellars, basements or voids below the building can experience damage when groundwater penetrates sub floor void areas. The JT Flood Sump & Pump Station when positioned below the ground floor enables any water which enters through the ground to be pumped out. The pump removes water at a faster rate than it can enter. JTFlood Sump & Pump Stations are used primarily to pump water out of these areas however they can also be used to drain an external area that has been bunded against flooding. A JTFlood Sump & Pump Station operates using a float switch for automatic activation as required. The system also has a check valve on the water outlet pipe so that the water does not flow back into the sump when the pump is shut off. JT Flood Sump & Pump Stations are used to remove flood waters away from properties at a speed of 500 litres per minute which helps with flood mitigation and an essential element in any flood resilience home protection package.
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