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Effluent Pumping Stations

JTFS Effluent Single and Twin package pump stations for the removal of effluent from sewage treatment plants and also surface water. Simple to install ... To handle dirty, clean or slightly polluted water. Ideal for pumping effluent from septic tanks or sewage treatment plants, but can also be used for cellars, small sumps and pumping out rain water.

The JTFS Effluent Pump Station Range are designed to be installed downstream of a sewage treatment plant to either pump the liquid the designated discharge point or to a soak away arrangement. Each unit is installed with pumps and pipework suitable for pumping final effluent, and come complete with float switches, valves, control panel and manhole covers and frames.

The JTFS Effluent Range of pumping stations are all manufactured from either polyethylene or glass reinforced plastic and installed with the highest quality pumps and pipework. Each unit is assembled at our manufacturing facility allowing for ease of installation once delivered to site.


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