Which sewage pumping station do I need for a garden office?

This is a question we’re getting asked quite a lot recently, here at JT Pumps.

It’s easy to understand why. Working from home is said to be the lasting legacy of the pandemic. Over the last few months, bosses have been impressed by how successful remote working can be. And, as a result, it’s set to become the ‘new norm’ and many people are looking to build a garden office.

Set apart from the house – away from the main sewer line – most garden offices rely on a sewage pumping station. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for you?

This is where we can help.

Here at JT Pumps, we have extensive experience in this industry. Not only do we have unparalleled knowledge of the different packaged pump stations available, we take a bespoke approach to every order. Whether you wish to create a small, practical office for just one person or an all-singing-all-dancing structure for a team of colleagues – we guarantee, we can create the ideal system for you.

A bespoke approach to garden office pumping stations

For most garden offices, a mini sewage pumping station will be sufficient.

These are compact systems, with just enough space for one pump, and they come pre-packaged – with a tank, pump, internal pipework and float switch – ready for installation. But they do have different features and, to decide on the best one for you, we consider three key factors:

1. How many people will be using the garden office?

This determines the size of the tank.

Building regulations state that you must allow 150L per day, per person. Therefore, for a typical garden office – that accommodates one remote worker – our smallest sewage pump system would be more than ample. This measures approximately 610mm x 635mm and has a 190L capacity.

If, however, your new garden office will be used by multiple people – or you plan to invite colleagues for meetings – a larger tank (perhaps with a 300L or 450L capacity) would be necessary.

2. What do you need the system to do?

Will it be used to remove just wastewater? Or both wastewater and solid sewage? If solid sewage, how far will that sewage need to be pumped to reach the sewer line?

This will determine the type of pump that you need.

For example, we often recommend the JTFS Mini Micro Sewage Pumping Station. Available in four popular sizes, this has everything you need to get it up-and-running. And as it comes fitted with a vortex pump, it’s capable of handling 50mm solids.

However, if solid sewage needs to be pumped a long distance, the JTFS Mini Micro Maz System is likely to be the better option This (by contrast) is fitted with a macerator pump, which successfully breaks the solid sewage down into smaller pieces – before it passes through the station – and will ensure it gets quickly and easily to where it needs to be.

3. Where will your garden office be located?

Sewage pumping stations vary greatly in terms of their ‘lift’. This is the distance they can successfully pump sewage and – depending on the model chosen – it can range from 5-50m. Therefore, it’s important to think about where the garden office will be installed. The further it will be away from the main property (and it’s sewer line), the bigger the lift you will require.


Buy your garden office pumping station today

If you’re trying to adjust to a new normal and need to invest in a packaged sewage pumping station for your garden office, be sure to get in touch. Whatever its size and location, we can apply our expertise in this area and create the ideal sewage pump system for your new outdoor structure.

With our help, it’ll be up-and-running and ready for ‘working from home’ in no time.

To find out more, and discuss your requirements with a member of the team, simply give us a call on 0844 414 5800. Alternatively, send an email to sales@jtpumps.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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