Sewage pumping stations for holiday homes

Due to COVID-19, staycations are set to be more popular than ever before. Lots of people are still anxious about flying abroad and many are ditching their foreign holidays in favour of a UK break. So, if you own a holiday let, now is the perfect time to act and get it ready for the surge in bookings.

When it comes to preparing a holiday home, there are so many things to think about – from the interior décor to the facilities provided. But one thing that many people forget is the sewage system. As the site owner, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure wastewater (whether that be from a toilet, bathroom or kitchen) does not cause local pollution or a potential health hazard. And most holiday homes – perhaps due to their location – rely on a high-quality sewage pumping station.

That’s where we can help.

Here at JT Pumps, we have a comprehensive range of packaged sewage pumping stations to choose from. All of which are available for a competitive price and come supplied with everything you need to get them up-and-running – including a tank, internal pipework, float switch and pumps.

What’s more, we take a bespoke approach to orders. Whether you run a small seaside lodge, a countryside cottage or a caravan park, we can create the ideal system for your accommodation.


Creating the ideal pumping station for your holiday home

To decide on the best sewage pumping station for you, we ask four questions:

1. Is it possible to install the pumping station underground?

Most sewage pump systems need to be installed below ground level, which shouldn’t be an issue for most UK holiday cottages and houses. But for some caravans and log cabins, an above-ground alternative – such as the JTAGBox – may be necessary. This comes pre-assembled, ready to do the job, and is the perfect solution when a conventional below-ground station isn’t a viable option.

2. How many people can the holiday home sleep?

This will determine how big the tank needs to be.

In line with building regulations, you must allow 150L per day, per person. For example, for a holiday home that sleeps two guests, you would need a packaged pump station with at least a 300L capacity. For a holiday home that sleeps three people, you would need a 450L pumping station and so on.

Generally speaking, a micro or single pump station sufficiently covers the needs of most holiday rentals. But all stations are made-to-order and we’ll choose the best for your specific needs.

3. What is the intended application?

In other words, will the sewage pump system be used to remove wastewater? Or a combination of wastewater and solid sewage?

For just wastewater, the JTFS Mini Micro Sewage Pumping Station is often our recommendation. This comes ready-for-use, is very quick and easy to install, and will successfully pump foul water (e.g. from toilets, bathtubs, showers and sinks) towards the property’s main drainage system.

For wastewater and sewage, however, the JTFS Mini Micro Maz System is a good choice. This is called a macerator pumping station. Essentially, it grinds up the sewage and breaks the solids down into much smaller pieces – allowing them to easily pass through the system without blocking it.

4. How far do you need to pump the sewage?

Packaged pump stations differ greatly in terms of how far they can pump sewage. Those in our online collection, for example, range from 5-50m. Therefore, the right system for you will depend on where you intend to install it and how far away it will be from the main sewer line.

Buy your holiday home pumping station today

If you’re getting ready for the busy holiday season ahead – and need to invest in a sewage pumping system – be sure to keep us in mind. Whatever the nature of your accommodation, our experts can apply their expertise and create the perfect product for your specific requirements.

We have supplied packaged sewage pumping stations for many holiday rentals in the past, including cottages, houses, caravans, log cabins and more. So why not find out how we can help you? Either give us a call on 0844 414 5800 or send an email to Answer the four simple questions outlined above and, together, we will identify the best sewage system for your property.


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