Which type of sewage pumping station is right for me?

Looking to buy a sewage pumping station for the first time? We understand, selecting the ideal model can be tricky. Yes, they’re all designed to pump wastewater towards the main sewer – but with so many different styles and sizes to choose from, it can be incredibly difficult to know which is the right one for you.

That’s why, here at JT Pumps, we try to simplify the buying process.

All of our sewage pumping stations come as a handy pre-packaged unit – complete with a tank, internal pipework, float switch and pumps. There’s no need to pick out extra parts or fittings, as the system already has everything you need.

We also take a ‘bespoke’ approach to enquiries. Simply tell us your requirements, and we will identify (and adapt) a sewage pumping system so that it’s perfect for your individual needs. To do this, we ask three simple questions.

  1. How many people will be using the sewage pumping station?
  2. What is it going to be used for?
  3. What is the lift and how far to you need to pump it?

Using this information, we can then create the ideal sewage pumping system – selecting the correct tank size and pumping equipment for your requirements.

Tank size

Sewage pumping stations have a broad spectrum of different tank sizes, ranging from 610x635mm to 3000x1500mm. The larger the tank, the bigger the capacity – and the more people that could feasibly use the device on a day-to-day basis. Generally speaking, all sewage pumping stations fall into one of two categories:

Single-pump systems

Just as the name suggests, these are fitted with just one pump and can usually hold around 190-1700 litres of sewage.

Example of single-pump sewage pumping station

Dual-pump systems

This type of sewage pumping system is fitted with two pumps. The tank itself measures 1000mm-3000m in depth, with a capacity ranging from 800 to 5300 litres.

example of dual-pump sewage pumping station

Both single and dual-pump models can be used for domestic and commercial purposes – successfully transporting wastewater, against the force of gravity, towards the main sewer line. However, the right one for you will depend on whether the system will be used by one person, two people or more each day.


Sewage pumping stations can also be fitted with a variety of different pumps – and the best pump for you will depend on the system’s intended application.

For example, if you need to remove wastewater or surface water, we can fit automatic submersible pumps. If you’re looking to move sewage that contains solids and fibres, we can install a suitable macerator pump – to grind the sewage and prevent blockages. Just tell us what you wish to achieve and we’ll add the correct pump/s for the job.

Buy your ideal sewage pumping system today

As a leading UK supplier, here at JT Pumps, we offer a diverse range of packaged sewage pumping stations. From mini single-pump stations to large dual-pump models, we have something to suit all needs – and each enquiry that we receive is expertly matched to the ‘ideal’ product.

Our team are always on hand and happy to assist. So, if you need help selecting a suitable sewage pumping station, just give us a call – and we can discuss your requirements and identify an ideal model together. The process of buying your first sewage pumping station doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply dial 0844 414 5800 or send an email to sales@jtpumps.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

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