Sewage pumping stations for the home – your questions answered

While commercial pumping stations are widely embraced, domestic sewage pumping systems are something that homeowners and landlords tend to know little about. So, if you are remodelling your bathroom or perhaps thinking of adding an en-suite, open your mind to a macerator pump system – like those stocked here at JT Pumps – and you will find a whole host of new options available to you.

Homeowners used to be limited in design and scope when fitting or remodelling a bathroom. Frustratingly, the main driver being the position of the bathroom in the house, the layout of the room itself and where the soil and vent pipe was located.

However, with the help of JT Pumps this problem is now relegated to the past with people increasingly opting for a sewage pumping station or a macerator pump station to solve the problem. Toilets no longer need to be against an outside wall as wastewater can safely and hygienically be transferred to the soil and vent pipe over larger heights and distances – so the layout or location of a bathroom is only limited by your imagination.

As this easy solution becomes increasingly popular, we answer some of the top questions homeowners may have about opting for a domestic macerator pump station.

What is a macerator?

The purpose of a macerator is to facilitate the transportation of waste, including solids, through a domestic plumbing system. Solids are finely chopped and soaked to the point that they are almost liquid, making it easier to move it through the pipes.

What can’t I put through the macerator?

As with normal toilets, you should avoid putting anything other than bodily waste and toilet paper down a toilet that utilises a macerator. So sanitary products, nappies, condoms, cotton wool, dental floss and baby wipes are all no-nos as they may clog up the blades.

Does it smell?

In short, the answer is a toilet with a macerator smells no more than any normal toilet – they have been designed to not omit odour.

Is it noisy?

A macerator does make some noise, but then many other household appliances do too! When in action, it is comparable to a fridge or fridge freezer in terms of its volume.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about sewage pumping stations and macerator pumping stations, or need help in choosing the right product and size for your plumbing project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0844 414 5800 to discuss your requirements.

For more information about the care and maintenance of sewage pumping stations, you can also check out this previous article.

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