3 accessories to improve your packaged pump station

Packaged pump stations are ready-to-use. It’s one of their main advantages. Fitted with a chamber, a pump and internal pipework, they include all the essentials and have everything you need to pump sewage against the force of gravity. But they’re not faultless. It’s possible to improve their design and, to optimise their performance, it’s often worth investing in a few additional accessories.  

Here we list three products that will improve the operation of your pump station:

1. Sewage float switch

This is just a sensor. Placed on the inside of the chamber, the float switch detects when sewage reaches a certain level and – at that point – tells the station to kick into action. Sewage is then moved, quickly and effectively, out of the chamber and towards the main sewer line.

The key benefit of a float switch is that it completely automates the process. There’s no need to keep checking the system or manually empty the tank. This is done automatically, as and when necessary – and, as a result, related issues (such as flooding and blockages) can often be avoided.

All of our packaged pump stations, here at JT Pumps, come fitted with a float switch as standard. However, we also stock float switches as a stand-alone item – so if you’re looking for a replacement or wish to improve an existing system, we’re here to help and can supply the ideal product for your needs.

2. Grease trap

Fats, oils and grease (FOGs) have a significant impact on the efficacy of a packaged sewage pump station. A build-up of these substances can cause a wide range of problems – including serious blockages within the internal pipework – and often lead to expensive repair bills.

A grease trap is an easy way to avoid this problem. Installed within the drainage, it does exactly what it says on the tin – it ‘traps’ FOGs before they have a chance to enter the system, allowing only clear unsullied water to pass through. They’re a worthwhile addition for most pumping stations and, here at JT Pumps, we currently have a wide range of above and below ground models to choose from.

3. High-water alarm

This is a mains powered device that alerts you to any issues with the packaged pump station. For example, if water levels are dangerously high or if the pump fails, the device will activate a loud siren and visual alarm. The aim is to draw your attention to the issue. You can then respond to the situation, check the system, and rectify the problem – before it escalates and results in a costly repair.

As part of our accessories range, we currently stock the IP65 Rated JT High Water Alarm. This is compatible with most systems and provides day-to-day peace of mind that your pumping station is working as it should be.

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