Do I need a macerator pumping station?

Do I need a macerator pumping station_

If you’re about to start a new renovation project, whether that be for a home or business environment, one product that you may need to consider buying is a macerator pumping station.

This simple yet effective system has the ability to make your dream bathroom or bedroom a reality. It doesn’t matter if you want to install a toilet underground, below the main sewage line, or in a listed building with strict building regulations. With the help of a high-quality macerator pump, it is possible to defy gravity and create the private or commercial property that you had in mind.

Here we take a look at exactly what a macerator pumping station is, including how it works, and we outline how this type of wastewater pump could be the answer to your renovation problems.

What is a macerator pumping station?

Essentially, a macerator pumping station is a mechanical device used to remove foul water, sewage, and other wastewater – particularly when the force of gravity cannot be relied upon to do the job or where a connection to the property’s main sewage line is either difficult or impossible.

Pumping stations are typically sold as a pre-assembled unit, complete with a  grinder pump and tank. As they are ready-to-use, they offer a convenient and affordable way to drain sewage that is generated in basement rooms. There’s no need to remodel or extend the current main sewage system. Simply install a grinder pump system and it will get the sewage to where it needs to be.

How does a macerator pumping station work?

Macerator pumping systems are usually constructed from impact-resistant stainless steel and cast iron and come fitted with strong cast iron impellers. These impellers start the waste removal process by first breaking down or grinding any sewage waste until it becomes a slurry or liquid.

Having been transformed in this way, the macerator pump then creates sufficient pressure to move the sewage uphill or horizontally towards the main sewage system. In its liquid form, it is much easier for it to be pumped against the natural force of gravity and the risk of any blockages in the pipeline or sewage system is significantly reduced.

Most macerator pumping stations also benefit from the installation of a float switch. Once sewage reaches a certain level, this float switch is flipped, and the pumping station automatically activates. There is no need to turn it on or off manually. It will simply kick into action as and when required, and you can rest assured that your basement sewage will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

What can macerator pumping stations be used for?

Although commonly referred to as a ‘basement toilet pump’, a macerator pump and its accompanying station can be used for a wide range of underground facilities – including toilets, basins, showers, bidets, utilities and more. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications and are often the perfect solution to create a basement bathroom or en-suite bedroom.

Installation is very straightforward; in fact, a macerator pumping station can be installed pretty much anywhere. There’s no need to cut away concrete, break down walls or take up perfectly good tiles. Simply install the pumping solution where it is convenient for you and this simple system has the power to make your renovation project much easier than you originally thought.

Where can I buy a macerator pumping station?

Here at JT Pumps, we are a highly well-known and trusted provider of domestic and commercial pumping solutions and we currently offer a fantastic range of macerator pumping stations. These stations are pre-assembled, ready-to-use, and constructed to the highest possible standard. Perfect for both private and commercial settings, they are capable of tackling both solids and fibres and – in many circumstances – they are exactly what a property-owner needs to complete their renovation.

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